Why Do Cats Like Running Water.

Why Do Cats Like Running Water. Cats prefer running water sources to standing water, many products in the market is available in which the water with a low-voltage motor that recirculates oxygenated water from the center and out over the falling stream.

This feature encourages cats and dogs to drink more frequently and keep their kidneys working at peak efficiency.

Why Do Cats Like Running Water

Well now that’s it’s time to find out all there is to know on the subject. Cats evolved to be very protective of clean and safe sources of water since in the wild they depend on them for survival. Vacuums, collecting rainwater, and even dripping faucets are often preferred by your cat because of their safety. Sometimes cats just like fun and some playtime at the sink with their toys.


No doubt you already figured out that it was a cat’s ancestor who didn’t have a fancy bowl to drink cold, freshwater.

They preferred running water sources that were less likely to be contaminated with bacteria because staying healthy and safe was all that mattered back in the day.

Today, your domestic cat has still preserved this instinct telling them that running tap water is much safer to drink than stale and stagnant water. After all, cats love cold drafts of water.

Cat Cannot See The Water Well

Cats are recognized for their keen senses and superb night vision, yet they struggle to perceive standing water.

Dr. Greco believes that cats like running water because it provides a subtle vibration that they can hear more easily than the obvious ripples caused by still water.

We’ve already discussed how cats’ hearing is so good that they can pick up on mice’s ultrasonic sound waves. This means they can hear their faucet regardless of whether it is on or off.

Audio Stimulation

In the wild, cats like drinking from rivers due to their genetic background. While some people may think that this is completely unrelated, it makes sense when looked at from a different point of view.

After all, you might be familiar with your cat’s preference for flowing water at home despite preferring to drink from a still source out in nature.

The sound of running water can trigger reveries and feelings of relaxation within our kitties because it gives them an experience they are very familiar with while out hunting in the wild.

Favorite Toy

Cats are very curious about anything that moves.

Running water is an appealing feature for cats because it reflects light at all angles due to how fast it moves and this interest in sparkling objects may prompt them to bat at the water from the faucet with their paws as well.

By placing a specific cat watering fountain near your sink, you can make sure your kitty will be drawn towards it, but won’t ever become excessively wet by accidentally walking through the actual stream of water.

Some cats might not enjoy being submerged in over-flowing water but many can’t help but turn their attention away from running water on multiple occasions because it looks so shiny and reflective.

Do cats prefer running water to regular water?

Many animals are naturally attracted to running water, especially cats – and it’s not just because of their reputation for frantically licking themselves clean.

A study from the University of Tokyo has revealed that cats prefer running water because they associate it with a cleaner source than still water, as it’s harder for bacteria to breed in swiftly moving liquid.

Plus, simply being exposed to running water makes them feel cool, which is probably why they like drinking out of the sink more than their regular bowl.

Why don’t cats like to get wet?

Unlike animals like dogs, who adore being in the water as much as they enjoy a good shake-down, most kitties are unable to tolerate even brief dousing in water.

A second argument often cited for felines’ apparent dislike of baths is tied up in your pet’s fastidious fur coat.

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