Why Do Cats Like The Base Of Their Tail Scratched.

Why Do Cats Like The Base Of Their Tail Scratched. Cats often have a sharp sense of where they are being touched.

When you’re petting a cat in the right spot, you can trigger that sensory response through scratching at just the right angle or pressure point.

The sensation may feel something like a tickle, which can send your kitty into a flurry of excitement. A little bit of scratching can help to relieve some tension, but over-stimulation could be painful.

Why Do Cats Like The Base Of Their Tail Scratched

Most people think of cats to be aloof and unapproachable but cat parents know their cat is the exact opposite and enjoys keeping itself busy. Some cats love chasing stuffed mice around the house, while others will spend hours trying to fit into a small box. No matter what type of cat you’re dealing with, usually most of them have one thing in common: loving rubs.

Female Cats

Female cats are more affectionate during mating season. This can be seen through the behavior of the base of their tail, which is relatively unmoving during any other time.

While many believe this behavior to be associated with male cats, some have speculated that it may happen during female-on-female cat courting or even between two male cats.

If you notice your cat being particularly affectionate or just seeking out your attention more frequently, then it is a good idea to observe them closely for signs of estrus and/or other changes in behavior if they are old enough for mating.


Another possibility behind the feline upright double-scratch is that in cat society, the dominant male rises on his hind legs to signal other males he intends to remain in that spot and they need to look elsewhere.


Cats are territorial creatures and communicate with other cats through smell in the form of pheromones. The chemicals, which vary from cat to cat, are spread by marking their territory.

Cats rub their faces on things, knead their paws, file their claws on objects, or even throw themselves onto the ground in front of an audience as a way to transfer these chemicals onto that which they feel is theirs alone.


Cats feel the most loved when they are being groomed. Their tongues aren’t nearly as effective at cleaning as their mother once was so they consider humans to be their best friends.

They are pretty much grooming them with love every single time and want them to return the favor by petting them, grabbing their paws, or scratching behind their ears.

Why Do Cats React Strangely When Their Tails Are Scratched?

Cats react when touched at the base of their tail because it is an erogenous zone for them. touching this soft and sensitive area can produce pleasurable sensations for your cat.

caress this area too much and you’ll potentially overstimulate or even injure her. petting a tail may mimic a sensual response in domesticated cats, especially females.

Why Do Cats Lift Their Bums When You Pet Them?

It Is Enjoyable. A major reason why your cat raises its tail is that it is fun. Raising the tail can expose the nerves and make them easier to interact with, therefore holding a sort of pleasure meaning in itself based on its natural response as a species.

Cats also tend to enjoy having their backs scratched, making it more enjoyable for them to feel and be close to their natural instincts while they’re being scratched, making it so that you don’t actually have to chase them around; after all cats do love attention.

Do Cats Like To Be Pet At The Base Of Their Tail?

It turns out that this study showed that most of the cats in their experiment simply did not enjoy being pet on their bottoms, whereas other recent research suggests that there may indeed be some truth to this as a concept.

After combing through various studies and pertinent data, it seems we might have to conclude that cats indeed do not necessarily like having their butts petted & then later find someone who can take care of this matter for you next time.

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