Why Do Cats Put Toys In Water.

Why Do Cats Put Toys In Water. Cats are elusive animals that enjoy the sensations of their days.

They can do this by playing quirky games with objects they’ve collected and they tend to get bored easily which, unbeknownst to us, is one of the many reasons why cats are so active in the first place.

So for that reason, we recommend giving our kitty friends something old, new, and something borrowed just make sure it’s fun for your cat, or else you might not find your beloved pet around again any time soon.

Why Do Cats Put Toys In Water

Why Do Cats Put Toys In Water? This behavior is quite common and has a few reasons behind why it may be taking place. One reason for this is that some cats do this when they are about to eat their meal or drink water because it can sometimes signal to them that it’s time to get fed or that it’s “bowl” time.


The scientist and other researchers that have seen this think cats do this to save their food and water.

They think they think they are hiding it from other animals that might try to hurt them.

This is an instinct from when cats were still in the wild because of predators. But now, it is still there even though we feed our pets every day so this is why cats hide it for so long.

Getting Attention

Behaviorists have noted that the most common reason that makes cats do this is simply due to reward.

After all, we always seemed amused when noticing how cute our cats look when they struggle as they try to fish out a toy from the water. As for fish and other animals, cats often like mimicking their behavior.

So it might be worth trying to include rewards or incentives related to your cat’s actions so as to discourage them from engaging in such behavior.

Having Fun

I think all cats love water. It’s that they don’t want to get wet, yet still want to feel the sensation of water caressing their fur, and the fun associated with pouncing on something or fishing something out of a bowl of water.

Your cat might be acting this way due to its natural instincts of playing with its food before eating it, or hunting and catching prey.

Or it could also be that they’re simply having a good time making a mess.


​While cats can be quite intelligent and active, they can also get bored easily. It is in situations like these when cats will attempt to find ways to make do with the little they have.

One sort of behavior that can result from cat boredom is destructive behavior such as when they drown their toys in the water bowl.

How Do I Stop My Cat From Putting Toys In Water?

Use durable stainless steel varieties instead. Plastic will absorb odors undetected by humans and is often difficult to clean thoroughly.

Also, make sure the kitty’s bowl is wide and deep enough that his whiskers do not touch the sides as cats are prone to avoid dishes that put pressure on their sensitive “antennae.”

Why Does My Cat Drown Its Toys?

Cats like to keep their toys in their territory. That’s why they often leave them there instead of bringing them back. If another cat shows interest, it can be seen as a threat or challenge and that’s when cats duke it out.

Why Do Cats Put Catnip Toys In Water?

This is just your cat trying to find a safe space for her treasured possessions. Often, a toy ends up in the water or food bowl only because it has recently been enjoyed by your cat.

In the wild, cats often take their prey back to their “nest” area and hide it from predators, so it might not be anything strange at all just your baby finding a safe place for her favorite things.

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