Why Do Cats Roll On Concrete.

Why Do Cats Roll On Concrete. Rolling around in something can easily spread your scent.

Cats primarily communicate through the way someone or something smells, thus forcing this cat to out its personal scent on it through the use of its scent glands located on its cheeks, paws, and flanks.

Many cats feel an instinctive urge to mark their territory through rubbing and scratching as a result of smelling another animal’s scent on anything they touch when they get it into their heads that they can smell this mysterious animal that they haven’t seen before.

Why Do Cats Roll On Concrete

Cats roll in mud/dirt because it feels good to them. Also, cats like to maintain that healthy sheen on their coat. Cement is rough-textured which helps to groom a cat’s already fine coat and may also stimulate the muscles below the surface of the skin helping to prepare them for a fight or flight situation if necessary. It is rumored that cats rolling over on their back is their ‘wolfish behavior’. This is clearly untrue as we now know that wolves are omnivorous pack animals and not free-range hunters like our domesticated house pets.

Hard Surfaces

It’s true that cats sometimes choose to sit on cold, hard floors rather than warm, soft cushions. It can be very difficult for cat owners to understand why this would be the case.

They want to give their pets all the cushioning and support that they themselves usually opt for, but it is simply not possible. Most often, this decision seems to come down to personal preference or comfort depending on the situation at hand.


Cats seem to be fond of two things during hot summer days concrete and dirt. If you notice your kitty rolling around on the concrete, it’s probably because it’s too hot for them and they are looking for cooler surfaces.

If you see that your cat is trying to lay down on the concrete in the summer when it’s around 85 degrees or more, then you might want to adjust the thermostat a little bit warmer.

Marking Territory

When cats roll around in dirt or scratch up the lawn, they are marking their territory.

Your cat may not be overly concerned with any other animals out there, but when it comes to the concrete patio, it’s a different story.

When he rolls all over it, he is throwing caution to the wind and saying that this is his domain paws down.


Perhaps one of the best reasons why your cat is rolling on the floor is because they are trying to get your attention. Maybe they’re hungry or maybe they want to play.

When you’re faced with this action, we recommend considering the circumstance as well as your pet’s verbal and physical cues.

If a reward is given after making such an action, it will increase the likelihood that he or she will be more apt to do it again in the future.

Natural Instinct

Much like ancient cats were forced to use nearby stone or brick walls as their scratching post, modern feline friends must power up in order to hunt down new and exciting resources such as prey or toys that they can bat around.

It’s a good thing they don’t have to roam far because there are plenty of scratching posts online, although finding the right materials is not always easy.

Final Words

One of the funniest things about cats is how much they act like humans. And one of the most hilarious quirks is when they lay on their bellies with all four paws in front of them. One might think that this position would be uncomfortable and unnatural for them, but similar to humans, it’s just another way for cats to get comfy.

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