Why Do Dogs Smell When They Sleep.

Why Do Dogs Smell When They Sleep. Many dog owners have noticed that their dogs, when sleeping, have a very distinct smell.

It is not the typical dog smell of wet fur or dirty fur. It is more like an odd man-sweat type of stench. The following are some possible reasons why your dog might be smelling this way after they sleep.

Why Do Dogs Smell When They Sleep

The main reason why many dogs seem to have bad odor is simply because they tend to be closer to us than others. When a dog sweats, the natural bacteria that occurs in their paws can mix with the sweat causing a bad smell. However, there are ways for you to keep your beloved pet clean and odor free such as bathing them regularly and providing them grassy areas in which to release their urinating liquids. Also, dogs need exercise, so make sure you find ample time for your pooch on a daily basis!

Because Of What They Eat

Dogs are known to be scavengers and will eat just about anything that humans will including all types of food scraps that you would never want to put into your own body.

This means that if your dog has been rummaging through garbage cans or maybe even digging into the trash can at home, then they might end up with food smells on their breath and in their fur.

If this is not the case then it might be a food allergy that is causing your dog to smell. A dog’s diet can change very quickly from one day to another depending on what you feed them as well as how much of certain types of foods they are fed.

This could cause a reaction inside your dog’s body which will make them produce body odor or even foot odor from time to time.

It is also possible that if your dog has been chewing on urine-soaked newspapers, then this too could have an effect on their overall smell lingering about their coat and skin for a few days after.

They Have An Underlying Problem With Their Health

Just like humans, dogs can develop allergies to many different types of household items or substances that they come into contact with or ingest on a daily basis.

This includes the grass that they roll around in during their free time as well as the food that you give them and even cleaning products that are used inside your home on a near-constant basis.

If you suspect any type of health problem with your dog then it is best to take them to your veterinarian so he or she can perform some basic tests to determine what might be causing the odd odor emanating from them.

If there is no known cause for this foul stench, then it may just be an underlying medical issue that will need to be addressed by professionals who know more about your dog’s body than you do.

Because Of Their Bacteria Buildup

Dogs, just like humans and every other type of animal including insects breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide as a part of their everyday life process.

The only difference is that dogs also pant which causes water to evaporate from their tongues and mouths and coats which can lead to a buildup of bacteria inside your dog’s mouth as well as on the skin surrounding their fur.

This could make them smell even worse than they normally would if this accumulation was not present.

It is best to keep your dog away from areas where they might ingest or inhale substances such as certain types of chemicals etc. because it will only make matters worse for them and for you as well.

There are many reasons why a dog might smell bad when they sleep and it isn’t always from their lack of grooming.

In fact, some dogs end up smelling bad because they have been taking in substances that will make them smell bad or maybe even eat things that aren’t good for them which could lead to serious problems as well as odors.

Whatever the reason may be, dog owners should know what is going with their lovely four-legged family members.


Why Do Dogs Smell When They Sleep. Bad dog odor can be caused by many reasons such as what they eat, underlying medical issues, and bacteria build-up. It’s important to know why your dog smells so you can take measures to fix the problem.

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