Why Do Hamsters Squeak

Why Do Hamsters Squeak. If you’ve ever heard a hamster squeak, it’s probably because they are being petted.

When a hamster feels threatened or senses danger, it will produce these pheromones through its anal glands to warn others around them of impending harm.

These pheromones can also warn other members of the same species where predators may be kind of like an early warning system.

Why Do Hamsters Squeak

Because hamsters have this organ and use these pheromones as a type of communication, when we pet them and pick them up we may cause stress which triggers the release of the pheromones from their anal gland (i.e., making them Squeak). While hamsters don’t always make this sound when they feel threatened, they will make the sound when they are interrupted by another hamster or human for no apparent reason (we disrupt their natural communication process). For this reason, it’s best to let them run around and explore on their own before picking them up. This way you don’t provoke a strong stress response from your pet.

How to Take Care of a Hamster?

  • Hamster cage
  • Water bottle, food bowl, hay feeder
  • Bedding (e.g., shredded paper)
  • Plastic hamster wheel
  • Toys (e.g., cardboard tubes)
  • Treats (fruit pieces, mealworms, peanut butter) – just a pinch!

What do hamsters like most?

Aside from food, hamsters like to play with their toys, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, cuddle in a warm pocket or pouch (e.g., “hammock”), explore dark spaces, and run on exercise wheels.

These are all great things to have in their cages when you bring them home–so they can exercise when they want to!

Hamsters are nocturnal animals, so don’t be surprised if they’re most active at night when you’re sleeping.

Keep this in mind before you put them into the cage for the first time! There’s nothing wrong with having an active hamster that gets into everything–as long as it remains safe for your furry friend.

The Distractions

If there are too many distractions (e.g., the hamster sees its reflection in a mirror), then your pet may not be able to focus on exercise and other healthy behaviors. These distractions can cause stress, so keep this in mind when planning out their cage!

Hamsters love dark spaces and will run through tubes and hide underneath boxes and sheets.

If they don’t have enough places to explore, they may get irritable or even sick from stress. For this reason, it’s best to give them plenty of options for exploration–and change these things up every once in a while!

Put the Food in Bowl

One great place to put their food bowl is into a tunnel that leads into another part of the cage (so that they have somewhere cozy nearby).

It can also make hamsters feel safe and secure–and they’ll enjoy the extra adventure!

Hamsters love to cuddle in small pockets or pouches. They can be found at any pet store (e.g., “hammocks”). You can also make your own by cutting a hole into a small piece of fabric, such as fleece.

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