Why Does My Cat Always Follow Me To The Bathroom.

Why Does My Cat Always Follow Me To The Bathroom. If you own a cat, you might find it difficult to get private time in your bathroom.

You might think that because this is the room that’s most pertinent to your privacy and hobbies, you should be able to have some fun in here without having any unexpected company.

But this simply isn’t the case with owning a cat. Regardless of what you’re doing when they walk in, they need to know they’re welcomed as soon as you open up your toilet door or turn on your shower water.

We have an amazing post that would help break down why cats feel this way search our blog for “Understanding Why Cats Get Obsessed With The Bathroom”

Why Does My Cat Always Follow Me To The Bathroom

According to Delgado, cats also play with water when it’s there and easily accessible. For example, they like to move water around by pawing at bowls while you’re doing dishes. If they are not in the mood for a bath, a simple sink or bowl of running water can suffice as well. Since cats like to be playful, their toys come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

They Ask For Attention

A cat is a very independent creature, but they do need attention. In fact, they just love it when you pay them attention.

As for where this type of love comes from, we’re not entirely sure. But if you really think about it, cats are unique because they can literally take control over situations.

You may be in the middle of something completely different and a cat can cause you to stop what you’re doing. This one fact alone gives us some indication of how well cats are at drawing attention to themselves.


While cats might have a knack for hunting down and killing wildlife, housecats are still animals themselves who happen to get a lot of love from their humans.

Veterinarian Dr. Kathryn Primm writes “they rely on us for food and shelter, but also to feel safe”. And without you around, your cat might suddenly feel vulnerable and susceptible to attack from an unknown predator.”

So when you disappear behind a closed door, they might feel less safe than normal and as such seek you out to continue to take advantage of the comfort and security you provide them.


A cat will literally drag you by the hand until you do what they want. We’ve all heard of curious cats, but that curiosity may stem from a cat’s natural instinct to protect its territory.

“Cats are territorial animals, they probably want to know what’s going on in their territory and they probably want to make sure you don’t do anything that might attract predators.

Housecats instinctively bury so it doesn’t attract the attention of predators because your home is the cat’s territory and that includes the bathroom.


Why Does My Cat Guard Me In The Bathroom?

Whether they are fascinated, seeking warmth, or simply playing their role as a fuzzy feline, many cats like to find privacy.

Remember that cats also need their own space and your cat will respect you for respecting this so when you’re out of the room, don’t stare at them when they use the litter box, okay? Your privacy is just as important so make sure you go to the bathroom when nobody else is around too.

Why Does My Cat Follow Me to the Bathroom Every Time?

As the resident cat expert around these parts, I’m just going to come out and say it: cats love to curl up on the toilet.

They know how many rest stops you will have to make throughout the day, alone in an empty house. Most cats love sitting on their person’s lap as they sit down to use the bathroom.

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