Why Does My Cat Only Like Me.

Why Does My Cat Only Like Me. Cats treat humans very differently from one another. Your cat may just have a favorite person that has nothing to do with the amount of attention or affection they receive.

Cats value qualities like intelligence, athleticism, and kindness but in different degrees for each of them.

So play to your cat’s strengths Are you the interactive one, or do you prefer some time away in the hope that your kitty might miss you.

Remember that at their hearts, cats are natural predators who need their space and time alone to reaffirm their predatory abilities.

Why Does My Cat Only Like Me

Of course, You’ve probably seen videos of cats that cradle, flank and show their love for teddies and stuffed animals. I mean our furry friends are certainly known for their fluffy kissing prowess. But when it comes to choosing who they adore the most, it often seems as though we’re at a loss as to why “kitty” chooses us.


When one thinks of communication, one may only think of human-to-human relationships.

However, when it comes to cats and their owners, it is clear that the same can be said here when it comes time to fully understand what our feline friends need from us.

Communication is key in all kinds of relationships and it is especially important for cat owners to pay attention to the feedback and signals their cats give them.

If this is not accomplished, then we have missed out on reaching a deeper level of bonding together with them.

Play Hard

As an owner of a cat, your impulse may be to immediately snuggle with and show affection for your feline friend. But Delgado says it’s best to let the kitty make the first move.

“Many people are surprised when I tell them that cats actually prefer to initiate social interactions,” Delgado says.

Over time, she adds, the cat will become more relaxed and trusting of you because you respect its boundaries. This dynamic explains why someone who is allergic to cats tends to complain they love them so much.


Adopting a kitten can certainly create the same kind of special bond with your cat as adopting an adult would, but kittens do have certain advantages.

For one, kittens are less suspicious and are generally more trusting, which makes training them easier.

Additionally, since they’re still very young you’ll have the opportunity to imprint your household rules on them while they’re impressionable and quite possibly form a lifelong relationship this way.

That said, there is also such thing as being too attached to a cat so don’t forget humans.

What Makes Cats Choose a Favorite Person?

The reason a cat may gravitate toward one particular person is that they are able to communicate with the best.

Aside from the ability to be able to communicate well, sometimes it’s just because someone might offer the best lap for catnaps.

we don’t really know why some cats prefer certain people over others and we don’t have to either.

Do Cats Imprint On a Person?

Yes, it’s true. Cats can show a preference for one person in a home over another. The manner in that they exhibit their affection varies and is generally dependent on the particular cat itself.

Some cats may prefer to rub against the leg of their ‘owner’, while others are more likely to follow the individual around even in public situations.

Can Cats Get Fascinated With Their Owners?

It’s common for cats to be clingy because, after all, they’re dependent animals in the sense that they always want the love and comfort of their owner.

It can become even more pronounced when they sense that they lack this security because of changes in their lives, like moving or adding a cat to the household.

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