Why Does My Cat Paw At Her Water Bowl.

Why Does My Cat Paw At Her Water Bowl. Cat whiskers are very sensitive. They can detect subtle movement in the air, and even detect small vibrations in the ground through their bones!

If your cat is the type of cat that enjoys having a drink, you should be aware that sometimes water bowls aren’t deep enough for our precious pets.

When this happens, cats often find it easier to stick a paw in than to lower their head into the bowl because they still have to bend down significantly if they just dip a paw in.

Why Does My Cat Paw At Her Water Bowl

Some cats like to stick out their tongues when they drink water and others might prefer using a paw! For many people, drinking water can be one of the easiest things to do, but this isn’t always how it all goes down in feline society, so let’s break it down. Spraying water isn’t the only reason your cat gets you awake at 2 am either. What exactly is that patterned foot doing while they’re drinking their fill.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why your cat uses their paws to help rehydrate themselves.


Not only do cats love water but they also enjoy playing with light. They like to chase and pounce on it, curious of what it is exactly.

If a shiny object is placed nearby then chances are your cat will be curious enough to jump on the opportunity for some playtime.

Just like how the whole world can be an object of curiosity through that tiny kitten mind of theirs, so too can their water bowls be a chance for fun.

Whisker Fatigue

Whiskers on cats are thick hairs with more nerves at the base of the follicle than the rest of their body’s hair. Cats receive information about their surroundings through these additional nervous endings.

They’re extremely sensitive, and some small, shallow bowls cause whiskers to bend back when a cat curls her face over them.

Some cats may get uncomfortable or even pained as a result of this and may resort to dipping their paws in water or removing food from a bowl only to eat it from the floor.


My cats are a lot like other cat people I know. When the discussion turns to our beloved pets, we find how each of them has its own unique personality.

My two furry friends for example have very different approaches when it comes to one of their most basic needs water.

One is perfectly able to drink the water out of his bowl in peace while the other one prefers drinking fresh running water straight from the tap!

Some kitties will prefer a meeker approach and keep by their bowls until they can get some attention before having a drink, whereas others are happy enough watching the tap running and drinking as long as they don’t draw attention to themselves.

Health Issues

A feline’s health can be affected in ways that affect its behavior. For example, if your cat is diabetic or has hypothyroidism.

the cat might be drinking excessively to the point where it ends up triggering a compulsive condition called psychogenic polydipsia.

We know it’s a difficult matter to handle but we think you’re aware how being overwrought from something like this can cause another problem so we want to remind you to never hesitate and seek help for changes in your cat’s behavior as soon as you notice any.


While many cat owners chuckle at this feline phenomenon, people really don’t fully understand why they do it. Some reasons are that cats can’t perceive the water levels, and having the water ripple helps them notice it. They might enjoy the auditory element because of whisker fatigue, be suffering from health problems like arthritis, or just simply enjoy running water. Perhaps they simply love to play with their water bowl.

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