Why Does My Cat Sigh.

Why Does My Cat Sigh. Cats often make soft noises when they are content or tired. After waking up from a long nap.

Taking a nice stretch, or when they’ve just settled down for the evening maybe three of the best times to hear them doing this.

It’s not uncommon for them to do it while they’re basking under the sun though so this sign isn’t necessarily indicative that your four-legged friend is completely satisfied and at peace with their current situation.

Why Does My Cat Sigh

You may have noticed that your cat has a tendency to sigh in the same way humans do, but what are they actually doing? This behavior can seem odd, especially when you know that cats hold their breath. So does this mean your cat is mimicking human behavior or is there more to it? There’s more to it than you might think.

Let’s take a closer look at what these sounds mean by discussing some key aspects of feline health and natural behaviors.

Cats’ Sighing

Well, to be honest, a cat that is carelessly licking its paws for no discernable reason can be very interesting and curious.

It’s probably not an everyday occurrence to see a cat licking itself with so much vigor or a human sighing out of despair or any other sort of negative emotion.

There are multiple interpretations of this idle and apparently useless behavior but some people believe it’s because these cats are bored; you might hear someone sighing but they want something stimulating to happen around them in order to feel motivated to do anything at all.


Cats yawn to relieve stress and increase their oxygen intake the same way humans do. New research has found that cats have lung structures, ventilate their lungs in similar ways, and have the same vital organs that humans do.

This suggests that, just like us, they breathe deeply all the time when they’re calm and more shallowly when they’re stressed out or excited by something.

Sign of Comfort

Our cats live in the moment and don’t reflect on the past. For example, unlike humans, cats don’t find themselves weeping so heavily when they think about all those times they weren’t able to land that mark because they were too busy cleaning themselves.

Instead of feeling sorry for himself, this kitty is using self-soothing purrs that are known to relax us.

So while a human may sigh when lost in thought it’s much more likely that cats will as well because their sighs function as what we term a “reset” a reminder to return to restfulness and contentment after being active and energetic.

Sounds And Cats

If you believe that cats ‘meow’ at any given moment for the sake of it and with zero specific reasons, there is news- your beliefs are shared by many.

However, they actually do make noises and sounds that carry meaning to them, as every other intelligent creature did.

The voice box of a cat contains dozens of strains unique to it as well as to other creatures living on Earth- in fact across the entire galaxy- and each strand can be traced back to a part of its origin.


Why does my cat make sighing noises?

Cats often sigh to indicate that they are calm or contented but not necessarily bored. Sighing is the exhaling of a deep breath and normally coincides with an overall happy or relaxed mental state such as right before falling asleep.

Offspring exhibit a social instinct to ‘sigh’ to communicate with their mothers in times of need, boredom, etc., so it’s assumed this trait means they feel comfortable enough around their fellow feline companions.

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve understood now why cats sigh, but to give your concerns a rest, we want to inform you that cats make many different sounds like meowing, purring, hissing, yowling and similar calls that have meanings related to their feelings or emotions. Just take the time to watch your cat’s behavior while they communicate using their various vocalizations. This will help you on your way to learning how your cat is feeling when they make each one.

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