Why Does My Cat Sit Next To Me.

Why Does My Cat Sit Next To Me. Cats love to be close to their beloved humans. In fact, baby kittens absolutely thrive on physical affection from their parents.

which is often missed by well-meaning adults who are stuck indoors working during the day or by people who aren’t comfortable as of yet because they haven’t come up with a cat-specific way of displaying affection that does not involve hand-feeding them or picking them up in your arms.

And then there are people who are simply afraid of cats and therefore distant with their feline friends.

Why Does My Cat Sit Next To Me

Some dogs are natural lap warmers, others just aren’t comfortable with that form of affection. It doesn’t mean the dog is unfriendly or indifferent towards you, it’s simply not his cup of tea. Don’t take it personally because every creature on this planet has its own preferences and insecurities, so do what works best for both of you.


When you have a cat and you’ve taken them home at a difficult age, they may be reluctant to be around you.

This is especially true for adults who are just starting to experience the difficulties of living by themselves. During this period all cats can be prone to wanting a lot of attention, not just from their owners.

So if your cat has been raised with you as kittens maybe they’ll want to stay near their mother for reassurance. Next time you’re feeling sad or alone, lay down on your sofa and hug your feline friends they’ll appreciate it.

Secure Environment

It will take time for your cat to gain enough trust in you to allow it to sit on your lap. To begin, create a peaceful and secure environment for her to become accustomed to.

If the situation is hectic, cats will not relax their vigilance. Provide a cat tree or hiding spots in the environment to assist your kitten to become accustomed to her surroundings while being safe.

Remember that resting with your cat every day will deepen your bond, which will win you some additional love and attention when she needs that much-needed snooze.


Cats are sensitive and instinctive, so before enticing her to sit in your lap, ensure no unnecessary distractions are nearby. If it’s a phone call you need to take, do so in a soft and unobtrusive voice so as not to frighten the cat.


Why Does My Cat Sit Near Me?

Cats can be very loving animals. Some cats may follow their masters around because they like to be close to them. Others may only like to stay near their humans in order to receive food, or perhaps even a little something extra.

Most cat owners notice that their cats tend to be close in proximity when it is time for meals, as they often purr and rub up against whoever delivers their food.

Do Cats Get Jealous?

Just like some of us, cats can be very jealous. You see, to them, it is a natural instinct to control what they want or own and when they cannot get it they become a little introspective.

Should your cat find themselves in such states, certain actions might trigger the feeling of being left out like turning their attention away from them when you should be focusing on them instead.


Don’t be alarmed if your cat isn’t sitting on your lap. By all means, try to console her and build a connection with her by brushing her or giving her some sweets; this will help her warm up to you over time. A good way to get a cat to sit on your lap is by creating an environment where she feels safe and secure, like keeping her food dish in the same room as your desk so she has easy access to it.

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