Why Does My Cat Want Me To Watch Her Eat.

Why Does My Cat Want Me To Watch Her Eat. It’s common for cats to want their owners to watch them eat because it makes them feel secure and more confident.

Dogs need us to feed them minute-by-minute; but cat owners know that at mealtime, their kitties prefer having a dining partner who isn’t swirling around trying to feed them too soon after they’ve seen him or her last.

Why Does My Cat Want Me To Watch Her Eat

Your cat needs your support when eating in particular. This is because cats are generally more focused on their food than on their surrounding environment especially more skittish types who will be more preoccupied with the action of eating than other types of felines. When your feline wants to snack, it’s one way for them to feel comfortable and calm if it knows that you’re looking out for them in their vulnerable moments and doing everything you can to make sure they stay safe.

Why Cats Have To Stop Eating

Cats are much like picky eaters. Sometimes they will suddenly reject food they would previously love but sometimes it may simply be that your cat is suffering from a serious medical condition that causes a loss of appetite.

It’s possible your cat might have a non-urgent medical condition, such as a toothache, that makes eating painful, and some types of medications administered to animals might make them not as fond of the taste or feel of their food as normal.

Cats also suffer psychological stress just like us humans and sometimes this causes them to exhibit strange behaviors.


It’s true to say that both your cat as well as its predators become blind spots while they are consumed with the act of nourishment itself.

In this way, it is applicable to say that some other animals may prey out of the momentary inattention created by a predator eating its food.

The analogy might also seem applicable to maintaining security and experience in the home when within your own space for those moments when you truly want to reach out for a meal without worry that the eye of an intruder may be able to locate you in that given situation.


Feeding your baby right after birth is often a must to ensure they grow up healthy and strong and are able to live as long as they possibly can.

These days, many parents opt to use several different types of technology to help them feed, change and monitor their baby’s well-being while they sleep.

For example, you may choose to purchase one of the wide range of modern breastfeeding chairs online which allow parents to remain close by while having a break at the same time great for working parents.


Cats are natural predators. They have high levels of prey drive and, just like snakes, can detect the smallest amount of movement both from touch and sound, making them excellent hunters.

One such area is a cat’s whiskers – these cat hairs on their faces flex in response to movement nearby.

As a result, cats use this information to hunt successfully by detecting minute movements which alert them of a potential catch.

If your cat refuses food while you’re away from home then perhaps try not to take offense.

This is more likely to be taken as an expression of complete trust in you and as an excellent sign that your cat cares for you as much as you care for it.

Why Won’t My Cat Eat Until I Keep An Eye On Her?

Cats can be fickle. However, if a cat won’t eat for more than 24 hours, there’s probably something else wrong other than that the cat is fussy about food.

The cat may have developed a serious medical condition that causes sustained loss of appetite. The cat may have a non-urgent medical condition, such as aches and pains caused by aging, which make eating painful.

Why Do Cats Eat In Your Presence?

Cats are affectionate creatures. One of the ways they show it is by rubbing and sometimes even nuzzling you to get your attention when they’re looking for food.

This doesn’t mean that you should stop giving them what they need though! After all, without a healthy diet, your kitty just can’t be happy as well as healthy themselves.

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