Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower.

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower. One of the best parts of a warm shower is the ambiance. The sound of bubbling water, the gurgling sounds, the warm rippling effect that comes with taking a nice hot shower.

It is no wonder why your cat enjoys cooling off in there with you when you’re bathing feline or not, he likes to live a nice luxurious lifestyle and bathing certainly has its own privileges.

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower

Just like dogs, cats usually like to follow their owners around as they go about daily tasks. For example, do you remember that time you were brushing your teeth and looking at your cat for a moment only for it to be staring back at you with such intensity that it made you feel slightly uncomfortable? It’s probably because he was so interested in the sounds coming from the toothbrush or the bristles scratching harshly against your teeth.


I’m sure I’m not the first or last person to state that “curiosity killed the cat,” and while a shower is unlikely to kill a cat, they may become intrigued while watching you shower.

Bathrooms, for example, are frequently distinct from other regions of your home. During the summer, there are cool tiles for them to lay down on.

There may be interesting smells coming from all of your beauty items on display, and witnessing your shower may pique their interest in water rushing.

Some cats prefer to sleep in bathtubs or sinks and drink from them, which is something we must keep in mind while dealing with our feline companions.

Litter Box Issues

If you keep your litter box in the restroom, you’re going to inevitably find yourself taking care of your own business at the same time as your cat.

Do not let them know when you’re doing so as to avoid alarming them it’s best that they don’t feel like they have to defend their territory from becoming invaded during such a vulnerable moment.

Their sense of smell is extremely sensitive and can typically detect whether another feline has been by in the recent past, but they may be inclined to operate peacefully under the assumption that they won’t get an unwanted nosey onlooker without warning.

Undivided Attention

A cat may naturally view this as her opportunity to be a nuisance and insist on getting your attention.

She may pounce on you while you are bathing or showering and remain focused solely on you until she has had her fill with being entertained.

But in both cases do not punish the cat for doing so. It’s natural for them to want your company.

Why Does My Cat Sit In The Bathroom When I Shower?

Your cat of the house may choose to sit in the bathroom for a number of reasons. Obviously, there is the possibility that he or she feels hot, but it’s also possible that he or she is feeling unwell.

The next time you see Fluffy chilling out in the bathroom sink don’t be alarmed; ask yourself what might be going on with your favorite feline.

Do Cats Know What a Shower Is?

No, cats do not like having water poured on or over them. Therefore, the best way to avoid your cat-hating baths completely is by keeping the water out of reach.

You can put something in the tub to keep the water away from your pet while gently washing them with a wet washcloth or sponge.

If you need more information about how to bathe a cat, here are some useful tips to follow while bathing your feline companion.

Do Cats Recognize You After a Shower?

It seemed incredible to us that cats could turn on each other at any given moment.

This apparently happens after they take a bath or anytime a significant part of their appearance changes. As we dug a little deeper, we believe the cause might be one or more of the following effects.



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