Why Does My Cat Watch Me Sleep.

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Sleep. I’ve felt a pang of protection ever since I got my kittens.

Now, that warmth and sense of security have turned into comfort, but I’ve found myself wondering if my furballs are always watching me or acting more as guardians.

I know they most likely like to settle under the bed because when we play with their favorite toys, they try to get all the way under them until they can find them.

It makes me wonder sometimes if they’re actually seeing things I don’t see – or if cats only dream in black and white.

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Sleep

When your cat looks at you, it can feel like a cute and warm gesture during the day, but in the dead of night, especially when you’re asleep. Let us take a look at some reasons why this occurs and how to prevent this if it happens to be creepy or concerning for you. Also, let’s see what keeps cats up at night in the first place.


Let’s take a look at what cats do with their lives. A good place to start might be the activities they engage in when you can’t see them, like walking around on your newly cleaned floors or knocking things over.

As you read this article, try to put yourself in the shoes of a cat for an exercise in empathy. Doing so might open your eyes and your heart to the strange life that these furry companions lead.


You may think cats go around collecting toads in the interest of science, but the fact is that your cat feels very connected to you. In fact, they might just be staring at you because they love you so much.

It’s not uncommon for a cat who spends some time with its owner to begin seeking out ways to nestle up beside them for a bit of comfort and security.

When cats venture close enough to their owner, some cats will start kneading their paws and purring before eventually turning their attention to curled-up on their human’s lap if possible.

Say Something

Cats are experts at expressing themselves. One way they do this is through their silence but more importantly, through their stares.

The stare of your feline friend can convey a range of emotions: disdain, content, and love to name just a few.

Staring can be unnerving for some owners when it seems that the cat has an unusual gaze but you must remember that they are not staring at you in order to upset you rather, they are trying to communicate something with their extra-wide pupil-less eyes.

Your kitty won’t disapprove of every single thing you do and will love you even if he doesn’t approve of your decisions. But be warned that excessive use of predatory prowess by your cat may link directly to dementia.


Do you know that while you are asleep in bed, your cat and dog might be watching in disgust as you make loud snoring noises? Your pets likely wonder why you do this and what on earth possessed you to do so.

Instead of simply getting up and going to another room, they’d rather stare at you for a moment to let you know just how displeased they are by the situation.

Why Does My Cat See Me Sleeping?

It may unnerve new cat owners, but this is a pretty benign behavior. Cats often seek to bond with the human members of their households and will watch over us while we sleep.

Watch this cute video to see what they might be thinking.

Do Cats Protect You By Sleeping With You?

Sleeping with you is like a security blanket for them. Not only do they trust you, but having you there helps ease their fears since predators can come out at any time of the day or night.

You’ll be happy to know that if you sleep with her, she’ll likely sleep much more soundly and no longer be afraid of things lurking in the dark once she realizes that you’re right beside her keeping watch over her every moment.

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