Why is my puppy eating rocks.

Why is my puppy eating rocks. Puppies are naturally curious, so it’s not unusual for them to taste things they find in their environment. Some pups have a need to chew and may turn to objects such as rocks out of this desire.

If your pup eats a rock or any other non-food item, he isn’t looking for nourishment from the object. Instead, the pup is merely satisfying his urge to chew on something hard.

This can be dangerous because ingestion of too many rocks can cause an intestinal blockage in your pup which can damage his internal organs like his kidneys and liver. The obstruction might also cause food and water to back up into your pet’s body cavity causing puffiness or bloating; it might even cause an infection in your pet’s belly.

If you notice that your puppy is eating rocks, take him to the veterinarian right away for a checkup and assessment of his condition.

Why is my puppy eating rocks

Puppies are often unpredictable and may act in ways that you don’t expect. If you find that your puppy is chomping down on rocks, this could be because he’s been teething for quite a while and is attempting to sooth the pain . Of course it can also be another cause , like if he is seeking attention or has become frustrated, annoyed or anxious.

The vet will probably be able to palpate (feel) whether or not there are any intestinal blockages; he might also order x-rays of your pup’s abdomen to get a better picture of what is going on inside of him. If it turns out that there is indeed an impaction causing the problem, surgery may be required to remove it from your pup’s system.

Dogs are not too picky about their food, but that doesn’t mean that your pup won’t turn down what’s good for him. Just like you, your puppy will get sick if he eats something that isn’t good for his health.

People’s food is tasty and it smells nice too but try not to feed your pup with scraps because he can get hooked on it.

Sometimes the human food you give him might be fine but sometimes it’s not so healthy for dogs, so if you want them to stay fit and strong they should only eat dog food.

Raw meat is okay to give them once in a while, however, some pets are sickened by raw meat which means cooked meat would be better for them or else they’ll end up dead.

You wouldn’t want that right?

Your puppy doesn’t know the difference between what’s healthy and what could make him sick so it’s up to you as the owner to guide your pet through his journey.

Give him food that he can eat and not get poisoned from and keep an eye out for any changes in behavior or activity level, if you notice any then contact a veterinarian immediately or go yourself if you think that something could be wrong with your pup.

What should you do if your puppy is eating rock?

If your puppy eats rocks, take him to the vet because he could have an intestinal blockage which means no food will reach his stomach causing him to starve.

He’ll also feel sick. It’s best just to be safe about this sort of thing because nobody likes looking after a sickly pup, do they?

Read Puppy Guide Books

A puppy guide is good for when you get a new puppy or if you rescue one, it’s good to know what you should and shouldn’t feed them so that they’ll grow big and strong.

If you don’t want your puppy getting sick then give them food that’s good for them because people’s food isn’t all the time okay for dogs, sometimes it can be fatal.

Dogs can get hooked on scraps so try not to give your pup too much human food because he might get addicted to it which means you have to cut him off of whatever he was eating before.

It’s also nice just knowing the information about why puppies eat rocks in case yours does someday.

A puppy food guide would tell us which foods are more dangerous than others, like rocks for instance.

It would say things like staying away from bones, cooked bones are dangerous, grapefruit seed extract is toxic in large amounts, stay away from human food, don’t feed chocolate to dogs, raisins are bad for dogs, don’t give your dog onions because they’re poisonous to them.

It would obviously belong and you probably couldn’t memorize it all but you could read through it carefully when you get a new puppy or rescue one.

You wouldn’t plan on reading it thoroughly at first because the information would come in handy only when needed.

If you wanted to be safe though I’m sure there’s a page where they explain which foods are harmful and why


Why is my puppy eating rocks. Dogs are okay with meat being raw or cooked but stay away from anything raw if your pet is sick or if you don’t want your puppy getting ill. You wouldn’t want a sick puppy so take him to the vet in case his stomach gets upset from eating something that was bad for him.

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