Are Swings Good for Budgies?

Are Swings Good for Budgies? As budgies are birds that love to fly, it is natural for budgerigar owners to offer their budgies a swing in order to satisfy this instinct.

Some people think swings are bad because budgies can fall from swings.

However, there’s no evidence showing budgies have been injured from using budgie swings.

In fact, the opposite happens: they provide hours of fun and entertainment not only for budgies but also for their owners as well.

Are Swings Good for Budgies

The Wooden Swing

One kind of budgie swings that you can easily make at home is a wooden swing made from plywood or wooden boards. It requires very few materials, and if you are an experienced DIY budgie owner or even a budgerigar owner in general, it’s really easy to make your own budgie swings.

The Plastic Swing

Another common budgie swings is the plastic one. This kind of budgie swings needs more effort than most other homemade ones do because you will need to build the wooden frame for this type of budgie swings yourself.

Again, if you’re up for some DIY budgies projects, building one isn’t difficult at all! Just take into account the size of your cage when selecting which size of plastic swing to get home. It should be just wide enough for your budgies but long enough to be able to swing without hitting the budgie cage’s bars.

The Rabbit Toy Swing

Another type of budgie swings you can get for your budgies is a little different than the wooden or plastic ones because this one is made out of rope and, more importantly, it has a toy attached to it! Essentially, it’s just like two budgie toys in one: your budgies will enjoy playing with their new swing for hours! Just remember that you need to replace the swing every once in a while if they start tearing apart the ropes.

Other Swings You Can Get for Your Budgerigar

There are many other budgie swings on sale that can be found in any budgie supplies store, so budgies really have an abundance of budgie swings to play with.

That means you can safely buy budgies swing and know your budgie is going to love it! But no matter which kind of budgie swings you get for your budgie.

wooden, plastic, or rope swings – remember to supervise them at all times and keep an eye on how they’re playing with their new budgerigar toy.


So as it turns out, there’s nothing harmful about budgie swings whatsoever. In fact, if you just take into account the amount of fun that your pet will get from swinging around, then having budgies swing is actually beneficial for them! Plus it means budgies can play inside your budgie’s cage without you having to be there with them 24/7.


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