How to get your parakeet to trust you.

How to get your parakeet to trust you. There are things you can do to make your parakeet trust you better. spend time with your bird on a regular basis. Parakeets need attention, interaction, and playtime. These times will allow you to bond with your parakeet and they will let them know that it is safe for them to be out of their cage.

How to get your parakeet to trust you

Before you start training your bird it’s important to make sure that your bird really trusts you. If a parrot believes that the owner of his cage doesn’t mean him any harm, then he will not feel threatened when somebody approaches his cage – even if it is for the sole purpose to interact with the animal or try and teach them something new. This can be achieved through spending 10 to 15 minutes several times each day sitting near their cage and talking in a soft voice.

Offer Treats 

Secondly, offer treats. While this may sound odd at first glance, offering your parakeet treats while they are out of the cage helps build trust in several ways.

First, it shows that there is nothing dangerous about what you are doing because if there was truly something dangerous about giving it a treat then they would not want to take food from your hand – therefore building more trust on their part.

Second, it teaches them that you are not a threat and they will be more willing to step on your hand and take food from you.

What Parakeets Need

Third, gently pet or rub their back just like you would if you were trying to comfort your parakeet. This will cause the bird’s natural instincts to kick in and tell them that they do not need to fear for their life with you.

Take them Out of Cage

Try handing your parakeet treats when out of the cage instead of feeding them inside of the cage so that they build trust towards having humans near them outside of their cage.

Go for a walk with your parakeet

Fifth, keep your parakeet out for very short periods of time initially while you work on gaining their trust. Once this starts to happen then you can start working towards longer times outside of the cage.

Make sure that when starting off small like this that it is done in a place in which they feel safe and not exposed. Try places like your bedroom or living room where there are no other pets around who might want to eat them (such as cats).

Keep them Stress Free

Just like with humans, allowing your parakeet to get used to new things gradually will cause them less stress because they know that nothing dangerous will happen to them if it did jump out at them suddenly.

Seventh, once you start to gain trust from your parakeet, be sure to reward them with a treat every now and then for being such a good parakeet!

Remove the Cage

Tenth, once your parakeet learns that they can trust you then you can start removing their cage from your room. Once again though, remove everything inside of it before doing so such as toys and perches since simply removing the bird alone is not enough to protect both the parakeet and any belongings in the area.

It would be best if you did this while he was sleeping or when he is least aware of what you are up to just so that there tends to be less stress placed on him at once.

Take them to professional trainer

if all else fails then try looking for a professional animal trainer in your area and taking him or her to meet your parakeet. Some trainers can be very effective at helping you gain trust from your parakeet without the need to take them outside of their cage which could result in injuries for either one of you should they try to fly away suddenly.


How to get your parakeet to trust you. When bringing your parakeet back into the cage after gaining some trust from them do not use force towards it but instead, convince them that this is what they want. This will make them feel safer around you because they know that there isn’t anything to be afraid of while inside of it because you are telling them yourself that there isn’t.

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