Why Do Cats Climb Trees.

Why Do Cats Climb Trees. In this instance, an excess of energy isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Cats are tireless and energetic creatures who naturally crave mental stimulation.

They tend to view their environment from higher ground and realize the surrounding landscape more clearly, which helps them understand their surroundings better and understand any dangers that may present themselves.

If you own a cat but don’t have the time or resources to set up a play gym for your feline friend, substitute by replacing tree climbing with something like laser play.

Where your kitty chases some crisscrossing beams of light. That way, they can get all of their energy out while further raising their awareness level in the process.

Why Do Cats Climb Trees

Cats often climb trees to get a better view of their surroundings. Whether it’s to help them see potential dangers or potential prey, cats as predators often prefer the security of an elevated position thus gaining vital intel that could make all the difference in whether they decide to strike or not. The reason cats have such an affinity toward heights is based on instinctive behavior considered to be a result of their vulnerability to attacks from larger animals.

To Hunt Prey

A cat stays well-occupied by hunting out any little creatures they can find. It’s instinctual, you see cats that were domesticated over 10,000 years ago have still retained their instincts and it’s hard to keep them from carrying out these inclinations.

Even if your cat is fed well guaranteed, the inclination to hunt will still remain. Birds in a yard are particularly tempting for some felines for many obvious reasons especially because.

These small creatures make sudden movements and chirp and do all of this outside your home as well! All of it can prove too difficult to resist.

For Fun

It’s difficult for some to just sit still and relax when their mind is racing with the possibilities of what to do next, or what might happen instead.

Cats are known for being both curious and playful so it would seem logical that they climb trees in order to give themselves a change of pace to continue their adventure in a different environment than wherever they’ve been before or perhaps see something interesting that has eluded them.


If you see your cat stuck up high, don’t panic! Unless she has an injury or is seriously stuck near the top of a tree, she is smart enough to figure out that she can shimmy down backward.

However, if she’s taking her time deciding to come down you can always call professionals to bring her safely down. One way professional experts will get a cat out of their predicament is by using a board and another branch so the cat has something to climb down on.

If coaxing doesn’t work you can use a broom with a towel to force your cat out of the tree and into your arms.

Extendable Claws

Cats are great at climbing trees because they have unique extendable claws which allow them to grip the bark of a tree, while their rear legs push themselves upwards.

Cats hold their own body weight close to the tree in order not to fall over. Although leopards can climb down headfirst, our domestic cats have to learn how to descend in an inverted manner.


Why Do Cats Climb Trees And Get Stuck?

Although we all love cats, their sharp claws are a menace to the typical house cat owner. While it’s not easy to notice or really understand how they even do it, Oddly enough, most cat owners say that when their pet gets stuck like this, they aren’t willing to help them out of the tree because they’d rather watch.

What Makes a Cat Climb a Tree?

Cats climb trees for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is their carnivorous instinct. As predators, cats like to analyse their surroundings from a higher vantage point, which allows them to notice potential risks or prey before approaching.

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